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Do I need to bring beer to join a meeting?

No. While we definately encourage you to bring some beers for sampling, it is not required. It is always acceptable to come with a sample glass, be ready to taste, and participate in discussion!


Do I have to join in discussions?

No. It is definately encouraged, but we know people have different personality types. Feel free to soak everything in until you feel ready to participate. But if you feel up to it, please give your opinion/feedback. You taste what you taste, and so you cant be wrong!


How much does it cost to join the club? 


Annual dues are $20.  Existing members will renew their memberships at the first meeting they attend each calendar year.


What are the benefits of being a member? 


Benefits of being a member of Sultans of Swig are learning from the experiences of other brewers, trying the latest and greatest brews being made by some of the area's best brewers, and participating in our brewers only events like the annual Summer Picnic and Holiday Party. Dues paying members also enjoy a 10% discount at some local homebrew shops.


What if my beer isnt that good?


Then we will help figure out what went wrong. We have all had bad batches of beer. Understanding why is the first step to making sure the next batch is great! 

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