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Welcome homebrewers!

New to Homebrewing

All of the members in the club started at the beginning. For those that started without a group of friends to go to for advice it is a daunting task. Let us help you get going. With several brewers who have been making award winning beers for 15+ years we can get you started on the right path.

Novice Homebrewers

It can be tough to take the next big step in home brewing. Moving from a kit to making your own recipes, extract to all grain, or even perfecting your all grain skills. We can help with that. Come ask questions, get feedback, ask to participate with an advanced brewer.


Advanced Brewers
You may know almost everything, have won awards, perfected your system, etc. How many people helped you get there? This is a perfect place to give back to the brewing community. Help someone along their path to brewing excellence. Try something completely different and take risks with your brewing in a supportive and fun environment.


Third Monday of each Month

  • People arrive starting at 6:00 for dinner at the bar or restaurant.

  • Meeting starts 7:30


What to bring:

  • 32-64 ounces of any homebrews, good or bad, you would like to get feedback on

  • Your recipe along with Starting Gravity, Final Gravity and any other process notes you have

  • Your favorite tasting glass



Big Ditch Brewing Company

  • 55 E Huron St, Buffalo, NY 14203

  • Please go to the conference room on the second floor


Find us on Facebook or join our email list to learn about our education and social events that are held each month.

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