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Monthly Tastings


Each of our monthly meetings includes an organized tasting that allows each brewer to present their beer to the undivided attention of the group and receive expert feedback on what went right and what can be improved. Prior to the tasting is a quick education session to share knowledge among the attendees.

Third Monday of each Month 

  • People arrive starting at 6:00 pm for dinner at the bar or restaurant

  • Meeting starts 7:30 pm 


What to bring:

  • 32-64 ounces of any homebrews, good or bad, you would like to get feedback on

  • Your recipe along with Starting Gravity, Final Gravity and any other process notes you have

  • Your favorite tasting glass

Educational Events


The Sultans of Swig run an educations session prior to the monthly meetings. These tend to be focused on a single brewing topic. Previous topics have included; draft system cleaning, yeast information, grain tasting, beer style reviews, and lagering equipment. 

The Sultans also run educational seminars at other beer events through out the year. We maintain a large presence at Beerology where we take an aspect of brewing and expand on it in the name of science (and beer). Stay tuned to our calendar for other events. 



Sultans of Swig members are available to run novice, intermediate and expert brewing classes for your organization. Please contact for more information.

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